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Get involved! Be informed, be confident, be yourself

Everyone wants an English course that interests students and gets them actively using the language, while also helping them prepare for exams. This is especially important for students in the Scuola Superiore. 

In this webinar, we’ll look at what motivates these Gen Z students and how we can keep them engaged in the learning process. We’ll also discuss how best to ensure all students acquire the skills and competences necessary to reach the required language level successfully, as well as prepare them for life outside the classroom, using materials that are specifically designed and written for students in Italian schools.

During the webinar, we'll be considering these topics and more!

  • The 2030 Agenda (towards 2050) Global Goals, Citizenship (Educazione Civica) and Green Skills
  • Benefits of learning Life Skills 
  • Developing oral and written skills 
  • Consolidating and expanding vocabulary knowledge
  • Using authentic materials
  • Preparing for exams: INVALSI and B1 Preliminary
  • Interactive digital resources and attention to different learning styles.

Insegnare Inglese

Questo appuntamento fa parte di un ciclo dedicato ai docenti di Inglese della scuola Secondaria di I e II grado


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Docenti della Scuola Secondaria di II grado


Michael Flynn

Michael Flynn

English Language Teaching Consultant

Rachel Harraway

Rachel Harraway

Research Editor 

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