Using video to bring literature to life

Practical tips and tricks for maximizing learning with video

Each day thousands of minutes of video are uploaded onto the internet and many more thousands are watched. Students today watch more video than any other generation before and yet the exploitation of this media has been limited in the didactic field until now. This seminar aims to demonstrate how traditional approaches to the teaching and study of literature can be enhanced by the exploitation of video and a variety of other multimedia tools, and how students can be engaged through a multi-sensorial approach, in the classroom, at home and on the move.


  • To show, step by step, how to use videos in the most successful way to enhance the learning of literature and language
  • To give teachers the practical know-how to feel confident in creating personalized video and multimedia-enriched lessons
  • To introduce how to flip the literature lesson through video


Second grade secondary school teachers


Christian Evans

Christian Evans

English Language Teaching Consultant.


First session

  • The basics of using video in class
  • Analysis of different video types
  • Step-by-step instructions how to create a video lesson
  • How to use video with a Flipped Classroom approach

Second session

  • Creating a personalized video lesson
  • Searching for and importing multimedia files
  • Manipulating programs for presentations
  • Ideas for creating multimedia literature presentations