Lifelong citizenship learning

Shaping a new kind of civic education

Being good citizens is the foundation of a successful, well-functioning society, but citizenship can mean different things to different people. The aim of this webinar is to explore our current understanding and approach to citizenship education and translate this into practical ways we can teach citizenship with success in the classroom. 

We will clarify terms commonly used to talk about identity, well-being, and diversity, as well as discuss other areas of citizenship and look at how the gradual introduction of simple initiatives and learning strategies can encourage self-awareness, growth, and personal responsibility. Critical thinking, cooperative learning, discussion, and debate are key words, but are they really that easy to develop in today’s classrooms? We will focus on ways in which we can work on developing these skills and provide our students with the scaffolding they need to discuss and debate fundamental themes such as health, education, the environment, sustainable development, the media, and equality with openness, respect, and tolerance. 

During the webinar, we will be considering these topics − and more!

  • A brief overview of citizenship and the 2030 Agenda (towards 2050)
  • The ‘not-so-comfortable’ comfort zone
  • Looking in – looking out: student identity and well-being 
  • Developing critical thinking skills: taking power, discussions and debates
  • Useful tools and resources for teaching citizenship 
  • How to start small and then expand citizenship ideas.

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Tito Lombardo

Tito Lombardo

After graduating from University College London, Tito moved to Italy where he taught English and later worked for three major ELT publishers as an Educational Consultant, Sales Manager and Teacher Trainer, delivering workshops, seminars and in-house training sessions throughout Italy and Europe before going back to full-time teaching and teacher training in 2015.