Invalsi: la prova di inglese

Focus on the national Invalsi tests

This talk will focus on the national INVALSI tests in the lower and upper secondary schools, introduced by the D.Lgs. 62/17. It will look in detail at what the tests entail, including the skills and types of exercises that are covered. It will also provide practical suggestions and help in how to prepare your students for these tests.


  • To help teachers understand the INVALSI test of English and the changes that they can expect to see in 2020
  • To provide teachers with guidelines for how to prepare their students for the INVALSI test
  • To encourage discussion and the exchange of best teaching practices


Secondary school teachers


English Language Teaching Consultant

English Language Teaching Consultant


First session

  • Detailed description of the INVALSI tests for both lower and upper secondary schools
  • A presentation of the changes in the INVALSI tests that will take place in 2020

Second session

  • Practical examples of activities for the INVALSI tests to help prepare students successfully
  • Have your say! A chance to exchange views and ideas with colleagues


3 hours in presence

Possibility of organizing the seminar in mixed form with a total duration of 4 hours of which 1 hour online

Past stages

22 Gennaio 2019

evento già svolto!

Casa Santa Erice (TP)

ore 15:30 - 18:00
Scuola media Antonino De Stefano

13 Marzo 2018

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Crotone (KR)

ore 15:30 - 18:30
I.C.S. Maria Grazia Cutuli

12 Marzo 2018

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Cosenza (CS)

ore 15:30 - 18:30
I.C.S. Cosenza 3