Insegnare con... And You?

This webinar will be another opportunity to watch last year's presentation "I'm choosing my textbook...and you?", with an updated section on what's new for 2022 and a live Q&A session with the authors.

Looking for something that...

  • engages your Generation Alpha students?
  • brings the real world into your classroom?
  • encourages your students to become more autonomous as learners?
  • offers an interdisciplinary approach with integrated educazione civica? 
  • is DDI-friendly and super-inclusive with videos, games, songs, drills and strategies?
  • talks about different cultures around the English-Speaking World?
  • prepares your students successfully for the Terza Media and INVALSI exams?

 Then join the authors to find out how our new course and you? does all this and more!

Insegnare Inglese

Questo appuntamento fa parte
di un ciclo dedicato ai docenti
di Inglese della scuola
Secondaria di Primo
e Secondo grado



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Docenti della scuola Secondaria di Primo Grado


Rob Sved

Rob Sved

Rob has been creating teaching materials for Primary and Secondary school students for over 25 years and is the author of a number of coursebooks. He is interested in the development of critical thinking and creative skills in the classroom.

Nicholas Tims

Nicholas Tims

He has worked in English Language Teaching for over 25 years as a teacher, teacher trainer, publisher and coursebook author. His particular interests are motivating teenage learners, the role of technology in language teaching, and extensive reading. He is on the board of the Extensive Reading Foundation and the committee of the IATEFL Materials Writers Special Interest Group. He is also a judge for the English Speaking Union English Language Awards.

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And you?

Nicholas Tims, Rob Sved, Alison Greenwood, Pamela Linwood, Daniela Guglielmino