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Deciding to change anything in our lives is always a daunting proposition, especially when our choices as teachers will impact the lives of the students in our classes.

In this webinar our ELT consultants will accompany you on a journey to discover how Twenty-one Global can facilitate your teaching and make your classes more productive and enjoyable. 

If you are looking for a course that offers you a captivating, visual approach to learning, supported by a wealth of multi-media, multi-platform materials, then look no further. Engage all your students, regardless of their learning styles and levels, with a wealth of sections promoting the pleasure of Reading, 21st-century Competences, Life Skills and Citizenship.

We’ll also be showcasing DEAFLIX, a brand new, innovative series of interactive video lessons designed to support Twenty-one Global in the classroom or at home.

We look forward to seeing you and answering any questions you may have.


  • 2030 Agenda (towards 2050): Global Goals and Citizenship (Educazione Civica)
  • Developing Speaking and Writing skills
  • Literacy: Reading for Pleasure 
  • Preparation for the INVALSI and Esame di Stato examinations
  • Life skills and 21st Century Competences
  • Inclusive Learning strategies
  • DEAFLIX and the Digital world of Twenty-one Global.

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Karl Matthews

Karl Matthews

English Language Teaching Consultant

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