Generation Z: time to motivate

An overview of various problematic areas facing today’s teachers of the scuola secondaria di II grado, from the important problem of the increasingly overloaded curriculum and the ensuing time restraints facing teachers, to one of the biggest problems, that of motivating students who belong to Generation Z or “Generation Me”. During the webinar we will provide practical examples from both within and outside a course book on how teachers can adapt their teaching to ensure success in today’s rapidly changing classroom.

We will focus on:

  • Understand the reality of teaching and time, the differences between today’s students and students of previous decade
  • Opportunities for teachers as well as potentially some issues and how motivation is a critical success factor in today’s teaching
  • How adapting teaching methodology and style can bring success in teaching and to encourage discussion and the exchange of best teaching practices


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Docenti della scuola Secondaria di Secondo Grado


Michael Flynn

Michael Flynn

Educational English Language Teaching Consultant

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